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​I started programming around six years ago, using Game Maker. I graduated to Python after a while, and I've since learned Java, Javascript and Objective-C, but many of my games are made in Game Maker. Don't hate -- appreciate.

Also, most of my stuff is unfinished. It's the curse of high standards. :P

My stuff (more links coming soon)

(bold = finished; italics = in progress)

  • Masterword (2016) - Use your powers of deduction to figure out the secret word from a series of clues. Based on the popular code-breaking game Mastermind. Made with James.
  • Connect Plus (2016) - A fun little puzzle game, where the object is to place numbers on a grid sequentially such that each number you place is the sum of the numbers adjacent to it. Made with James.
  • James (2015-2016) - A super simple library for making little web games with Javascript. Similar to Game Maker, but with more object orientation. I made this over a year ago, and used it for a few class projects. I recently discovered it again, and I'll hopefully be building onto it a bit and using it to make a couple web apps.
  • Conway (2015) - A final project for a computer science course. Learn the basics of programming by helping Conway the robot advance through multiple levels, using a visual programming interface.
  • PowerPong (2015)​ - A class project, and my first game with James. A pong game for one or two players with gravity and powerups. Kind of unfinished, but it's in a working state, and I've kinda moved on.
  • Sandblox (2015) - A 2D multiplayer physics sandbox game, inspired by HaxBall. Make and play custom maps in a variety of different gameplay modes -- hugely customizable. Made with Python, using the Box2D physics engine. On hold for the moment because networking with Python is really tricky, especially with firewalls and the like. Maybe I'll remake it in Java or JavaScript and work on it there sometime.
  • Pivotball v2 (2014-2015) - A complete revitalization of Pivotball, made for mobile phone with Game Maker Studio. New levels, a user-friendly editor, multiplayer, etc. On hold because it turns out transferring the app to a mobile phone for testing is stupidly complicated.
  • Untropy (2014) - A puzzle game where you play a series of minigames backwards. Literally, frame-by-frame backwards. This is still mostly in the idea stages, but the amount of naturally-occurring puzzles that result from this game form that are solvable by the player is awe-striking.
  • Colour Grapher (2014)​ - A graphing program in HTML that makes graphs in three dimensions - x, y, and colour. Fun to mess around with, and supports all kinds of functions and customizations. Functions are of the form colour = f(x,y).
  • BitGame Bash (2013) ​- Choose from 16 creative and fun minigames to play and try for the best times. Perform runs of consecutive games in record times. Made with Game Maker 8.
  • Stan's Formation (2013) - Stan the Stickman and his squad of second-graders (Stan's Formation) have constantly feuded with a gang of third-grade bullies, who have now captured three of his famed Formation. Help Stan rescue his friends! Go through the levels and solve challenges by dressing up in various costumes to get powerups. A 2D platformer inspired by the Kirby series and Super Mario Galaxy. Made with Game Maker 8. I'd like to remake this and work on it some more after I get more comfortable with making web games, cause Game Maker is kinda limited. Plus, my old code sucks.
  • Pivotball (2012) - A 2D mouse-based physics racing game somewhat inspired by Marble Blast, where the object is to collect all the gems in a level by clicking on "pivot points" to pull your ball towards them. 24 creative levels, 24 tricky gold times and 24 super challenging Master times. Level editor included. Made with Game Maker 8.